Everything Before, After, and In Between Camping

My last blog post talked about our disappointment with camping, but before, after, and in between camping, we have also been some pretty cool places! So let’s do a recap of what else has been going on during this road trip:

Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia

After the wedding in Tuscaloosa, we drove into Atlanta and stayed at a Red Roof Inn in Buckhead. We had high hopes to go see Joe Pug, one of our favorite musicians, play a free show, but alas, we were tired and it was Sunday, which is Game of Thrones night! Plus, we had recently seen Joe Pug play an AWESOME show at Strange Brew in Austin, so we felt like it was okay to skip this one. We gave the dogs a bath, ate a healthy salad for dinner, watched GoT, and fell asleep.

The next day, we spent the afternoon at Park Grounds, a coffee shop and dog park. The dogs played while we attempted to plan more of our trip. Then, we headed over to Christina and Ryan’s place in Decatur. We had such a fun time with them and Ranger! Christina made us an Atlanta welcome basket and we enjoyed hanging out, playing Citadels, taking the dogs for long walks, and 75% of us professing our hate for Radiohead. We wish we lived closer to them!

Roanoke, Virginia

After camping in North Carolina, we headed to Roanoke, Virginia via the curvy Blue Ridge Parkway. Why Roanoke? Why not? We got a room on Sunday at the Red Roof Inn in Troutville where we spent the night, obviously, watching Game of Thrones.

But the next morning, I donned my “Don’t Be Such a Squeef” shirt and we went hiking up Mill Mountain to see the Roanoke Star. While the hike up the mountain is supposedly only 1.2 miles. It felt way longer because it was a “more difficult” trail due to its ridiculously steep incline. By the time we made it to the top, I was huffing and puffing and knew I’d be sore the next day, but the view was awesome. Plus, the Roanoke Star is the largest man-made star in the WORLD. Yes, the world.

Later that night we attempted to eat dinner at a restaurant that was closed for Memorial Day so we ended up at Benny Marconi’s, a pizza place with the biggest slices of pizza. The guy who took and prepared our order immediately told us about all the girls he had at his last birthday (which really only amounted to 3?) and showed us pictures on his iPad. Regardless, the pizza was good.

Chester/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On our last day of camping, we decided to wake up early and drive an hour to see Gettysburg. After driving around town and doing the auto tour of the battle, we were trying to figure out what we were going to do for the night. We had booked one more night of camping (ugh!), but it was supposed to rain later that evening and the next morning. So we could a) camp in the rain and be hot and humid in the tent all night with two dogs and deal with mud when we had to pack everything up, or we could b) find somewhere else to spend the night.

Luckily, Nick’s friend Amber totally helped us out with this choice and offered us a weekend room at a senior living facility in Chester, Pennsylvania. How could we turn it down? So we rushed back to our campsite and got busy breaking everything down so we could beat the rain and turn around to drive Chester, which is 20 minutes outside of Philly.

Three and a half hours later, we had a small apartment to ourselves for the next few days. We made friends with the late night security guard after giving him a slice of pizza and grimaced every time we had to take the dogs out because we knew everyone was staring at us, wondering why we were there. But that’s okay! It was nice to be able to relax and spread out after camping and just take it easy for a few days.

We stocked up on food from Trader Joe’s and drove into Delaware to go to a dog park and buy things without sales tax. We went to 2SP Brewing where we chatted with some cool people, enjoyed some good beer, and found out Chester was shit. We drove into Philly on Sunday to see the Rocky Steps and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was pay what you wish day, so we got in for $1! But we lamented the Philly traffic and the weird parking in the middle of the street and on the sidewalk and we got outta there quickly! Of course, we watched Game of Thrones on Sunday before we left. By now, we realize this trip is centered around two things: dogs and Game of Thrones.

Tuxedo Park, New York

Our current stop is in Tuxedo Park, New York where we have spent the past two nights with Amber, Will, Max, and Evita. They have been so welcoming from the moment we got here. We love their fun, laid-back house, hanging out on their deck, eating the awesome food and snacks they continually provide, playing all kinds of card and board games, and walking our dogs on the mile loop around their little neighborhood where we can see really cool 1960’s houses nestled into the woods. We should’ve done more up here, but we’ve enjoyed relaxing and spending time with people we otherwise wouldn’t spend time with.

We will be in Brooklyn this weekend spending my 34th birthday (yikes! Am I really that old?!) with my sister Jenna, but we don’t know where we’ll be next. We’re trying to determine how we want the rest of the trip to go. Do we want to move faster so we can see more in a shorter amount of time? Or do we want to continue to take our time and avoid road trip burnout?

Either way, we need to figure where we will be next Sunday at the least because we need to watch Game of Thrones.