Birthday Weekend, New York Style

When we left Tuxedo on June 9th, my actual birthday, we took the scenic route to Brooklyn, passing through New Jersey and then over the Hudson River. Despite worries about driving through the city with our jam-packed car with the rack on the back, it actually wasn’t that bad!

And we were able to quickly find parking on the street of our Airbnb. New York is expensive, but we found a whole apartment on the first floor (no stairs!) in Greenpoint for only $80 a night. Score for us! Not only were we right near two dog parks, but we were only a 15-20 minute walk to my sister Jenna’s place in Greenpoint.

That night, we walked over to her apartment where we retrieved a ton of mail we had sent there - including birthday gifts from family and Lauren! - and enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal that I specifically requested: baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread. It was exactly what I wanted! And then she surprised me with a chocolate cream pie for dessert!

The next day we woke up early and tried to wear the dogs out because we knew we were going to spend the morning out and about. One of the Airbnb’s neighbors claimed that a dog had been barking “all day” the night before. I’m skeptical of his claims. #1 we didn’t leave the dogs in the apartment until like 6:30 pm. #2 the dogs were exhausted. But we didn’t want him to complain again, so not only did we get the pups tired, but we also hung a blanket up as sound-proofing, and left music AND the TV on to drown out any potential barks. The things we do for dogs!

Then we had a fun Friday! Peter Pan Donuts. The High Line with Jenna and Lauren. Sephora birthday gift. Back to Brooklyn. McCarren Park with the dogs. Xander found a Pomeranian girlfriend. Spritzenhaus. Bar. Nachos and tequila shots and beer. Another bar. And then so tired.

Saturday: Eyebrow threading. Egg sandwich breakfast at Jenna’s. Milk Bar cookies. The Nice Guys at Williamsburg Cinemas. Losing Nick for a few minutes. Classic Specs. Concocting a plan for our next destination. Williamsburg Pizza at Jenna’s. Billy on the Street. Ow my feet hurt.

Sunday: Long walk with the dogs. Beehive Oven Biscuit Cafe with Jenna, Jill, and Eddie. Pimento cheese macaroni and cheese. Creepy waiter who kept wanting to clear our table. Saying goodbye to Jenna. Packing and loading everything up and saying adios New York!

I’m so happy we decided to spend my birthday in New York with my sister! We had planned to be up there for Christmas last year, but Jo had an FCE and the right side of her body was paralyzed so we had to cancel our trip. It’s always fun to see her and hang out and it’s always sad to say goodbye :( But we always know we’ll see each other soon!

Not only was NY a great place spend my birthday and see Jenna, but we also had a bit of a trip epiphany. Nick and I finally decided to kick our trip into high gear, try to cover some ground, and start heading west!